VM Motori engines have been manufactured in Cento, Italy since 1947, for Construction, Industrial, Fire Pump & Generator Set applications.

The competitively priced D700 Series Water-Cooled Engines by VM Motori, consists of three, four and six cylinder units that are naturally aspirated and turbocharged.The VM Motori D700 Series Water-Cooled Engines feature a patented ‘Tunnel Cylinder Block’ which provides low noise and vibration in a neat, compact design. D700 Series engines are available in fan / flywheel, complete open power unit, fire pump spec and generator set driver applications from 43 to 124 horsepower at 1500 (50hz), 1800 (60hz), 2300, 2600 or 3000 rpm engine governed speeds. All models comply with the EC/EPA Tier 3A / EURO Stage 3A emissions requirements.


VM Motori Marine Diesel Engines lead the industry in power-to-weight ratios, delivering heavy-duty propulsion in a lightweight package. VM Motori marine engines are built to the highest quality in Cento, Italy and we guarantee the highest level of reliability and quality control. Advanced intake systems keep VM Motori diesels running easy and clean. None of the harshness or fumes from traditional diesels. An increase of up tp 50 percent in fuel efficiency compared to petrol engines of the same horsepower. Final sign-off of is only given once each individual VM Motori Diesel Marine engine has been tested on the open water.

The MR500-700 range starts at 85kW thru to 257kW, including both 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder models.

Repower power options for Mercruiser and Volvo Penta.